Does your Packaging pass muster?

Oct 18, 2013


With a business in the e-commerce sector, chances are you’re spending a lot of your time packaging up orders. Getting the packaging right can have a positive impact on repeat business and recommendations and you don’t want to end up in the same situation as Amazon, with their example of extreme over-packaging.  They have a great reputation for their packaging so it just shows you need to get it spot on each and every time. Packaging is not only about the safety of products any more. We also have to think about the environmental impact of over-packaging and customers are becoming much more discerning and environmentally aware when a small item is delivered in a large box, especially if a high delivery charge is incurred.

E-commerce businesses have to strike the balance between adequate packing to avoid damage and over-packaging where the customer may be disappointed or annoyed by the impact on the environment.

New businesses may need to spend some time trying out different packaging methods before they hit upon the right one. Testing can help you find the right package which will both ensure product protection and minimal environmental impact. A well-packaged product can have a considerable experience on the overall customer experience and influence the possibility of them returning for more custom.

Reviewing your packaging is something all businesses should consider at least annually. Technologies change as regularly as materials and you may find that there are new developments which will make your packaging processes even easier. From an environmental perspective there are more biodegradable materials being developed regularly to give sellers even more choice. Alternatively you could choose to work with a fulfilment partner and remove the problem of packaging from your premises altogether. Working in conjunction with professionals guarantees you satisfied customers and more time to dedicate to your other business activities.

Benefits of Working with a Packaging Specialist

Outsourcing your packaging services to professionals like us at OFEX has many benefits. It could be the perfect choice if you have a particularly fragile product line or are an eBay seller who needs support with the woes of packaging items in the best value way.

The key benefit of utilising a professional service is that you can avoid the tricky process of sourcing the right packaging for your items and won’t need to spend the considerable time it takes putting the parcels together. At OFEX we put together a quotation based on your needs.

Outsourcing your packaging also gives you a more controlled handle on your capital costs. In-house packaging takes up valuable time which eats into profits and the cost of sourcing your own packaging materials can also be steep. Pay a single transparent fee rather than seeing the costs mount up before your eyes.

Evidence also suggests that for most businesses outsourcing increases their overall productivity and efficiency. You can focus on the elements of your business that really utilise your talents whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that your parcels are being packaged correctly and if you choose an order fulfilment company like ours you can also have your products posted too.

If you find yourself dedicating hours to your packaging and still not being satisfied it could be worth choosing a partner so you can focus your energies elsewhere. Proper packaging can make or break the success of your business.

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