Half Way Through

Sep 13, 2020

I've just celebrated my 45th Birthday. We've had a really lovely weekend.

Like the BIG zero birthday's, this one has made me reflect too, as I would imagine I'm about half way through my life now - at least any reasonable quality of life. I hope! ;o)

So what aspirations and goals have I identified at this point in my life?

Social Media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, has openly spoken of an aspect of his life that was the game changer for his focus and business.

It wasn’t forecast planning, marketing, cash flow projections or anything like this. It was his own personal fitness and nutritional habits.

It is the one aspect of our lives that many of us just don't give the time and focus it deserves. Lots of us don't consider it to be that vital when it comes to the growth of our own businesses, or to be more accurate; we separate any fitness and nutritional habits from our business progression and success.

But why did it have such a huge impact on Gary Vaynerchuk and so many other businessmen and women who have taken a deep dive into the world of health and fitness?

This is a huge subject but these seem to be 6 great reasons*:

1. Exercise Changes Mood.

Running and many other forms of exercise are now proven to be forms of antidepressants in their own right. Exercise changes the brain and in doing so positively enhances thought patterns, behaviour and even beliefs.

2. Exercise Enhances Performance.

Heightened focus and clearer thinking are a byproduct of an efficient exercise program. Better physical performance result in far better critical thinking and problem solving.

3. Exercise Releases & Utilises Stress

Stress creates a cocktail of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Exercise removes and utilises the build up of these and minimises the harmful effects within the body.

4. Exercise Boosts Creative Thinking.

Exercise creates space and gives constant thinking a rest. Similar to meditation, a physical past-time can reboot creative thinking by spending periods of time away from thought and instead focusing on physical movement.

5. Exercise Promotes The Growth Of New Brain Cells.

Yes it really does! The brain is protected and the longevity of it is enhanced with exercise.

6.Exercise Boosts Confidence.

A physical discipline that involves learning a new skill builds confidence as we learn. This confidence overlaps into other areas of life including our business. Physical achievement creates all round confidence.


As we all teeter possibly on the edge of a further lockdown here in the UK, I think reintroducing exercise into my life in a meaningful way couldn't be more apt, not just in a bid to enjoy my next 45 years here on planet Earth, but also to handle the challenges the rest of this year will undoubtably throw at us.



* I bow to my other half for this detail as he is an expert in this field.


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